Helen Caiels

Speech & Language Therapist

Hello and a warm welcome to my website.

I offer therapy for children, adolescents and families along with training.

I am passionate about working with parents, families and education staff to highlight and enhance their skills in supporting their child to firstly have positive success as a communicator in everyday situations and facilitate the key foundations or ‘roots’ required for speech, language and communication through play and having fun. Secondly, to build on these foundations, in supporting their child to further develop & grow their speech, language and communication skills and broader learning through enabling access to the early years or school curriculum.

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Ultimately my key aims are to collaborate with and empower key adults to ensure children make progress and to have positive success in all areas of their life, fulfilling their potential. Early intervention is a key focus for me, along with providing an experience that I would want as a parent for my own children.
Please contact me to have a chat to discuss your concerns and questions and explore how I may be able to help.