Initial Consultation

What to expect / This comprises of:

We will chat through your child’s speech, language and communication history and any intervention accessed so far to build a picture of your child’s strengths and needs.

Assessment of your child’s skills through play and using a mixture of informal and formal assessment (where indicated) to assess your child’s skills in the following areas which are relevant for your child:

  • Understanding of language
  • Use of language
  • Speech sounds
  • Fluency (where indicated)
  • I will talk through a summary of your child’s skills and provide advice on how to support their further development in these areas.
  • Attention and listening
  • Play
  • Communication & interaction
  • I can also provide an opportunity to see on video the specific strategies that work for your child.
  • A brief summary written report will be provided following this session.

Therapy packages

I initially offer a time limited package of VERVE Parent/Practitioner Child Interaction Therapy (5 sessions). This forms the foundations for any future interventions, should this be required.

 What to expect /This comprises of:

  • 4 once weekly sessions with you and your child lasting one hour in your own home:
  • Through playing with your child in an activity they have chosen and are enjoying, we will together identify the strategies that support your child’s speech, language and communication development, and this will be captured on video. The video provides us with the opportunity to analyse how your child is communicating and the unique and subtle ways they may be doing this.
  • In watching the interaction on playback, I can support your insight and knowledge of your child with my experience as a therapist.
  • Having observed your child’s strategies for getting their needs met and making themselves understood, we can identify which adult strategies work best specifically for them.
  • During the week you will experiment with this strategy with your child in 5 minutes play, ideally daily.
  • This continues across the four weeks, each week building on the previous weeks.
  • This will be followed by one further session 4-6 weeks later to establish together the progress made in response to the intervention:
  • This session will last for one hour.
  • We will look together at a video of your child at initial consultation versus a newly recorded interaction.
  • You will be provided with a therapy summary report including your child’s skills at the start, progress made and current skills of your child.
  • In discussion with you, I will also be in contact with practitioners/professionals that are working with your child.

In addition, an optional visit to nursery/school may be scheduled with your agreement. At this stage should you wish additional therapy sessions we can discuss the frequency and number of sessions.

A further therapy package to nursery/school can be offered following the same format of 4 once weekly sessions for 1 hour with 2 practitioners/teaching staff. Parent consent for videoing is mandatory. This is charged at the standard therapy session rate.

Further Therapy Packages to your child’s individual communication profile, strengths and needs, using the foundations built from previous therapy.

  • Use of visual support – such as use of objects, pictures, symbols, Makaton signs, visual timetables, now/next boards.
  • Targeted Vocabulary approaches such as Word Aware
  • Language Through Colour
  • Narrative approaches
  • Phonological Awareness – underlying skills for speech sound development & later literacy
  • Direct speech sound interventions dependant on need
  • Social Use of Language
  • Fluency approaches including Palin PCI and Lidcombe Program
  • Any resources and visuals I make or recommend for your child.
  • You will be provided with secure access via your own login details, to your child’s session notes, individualised resources, reports and targets I have put together just for you and your child all through My Therapy Tracker. You will also be able to keep track of appointments.